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" Deaton said that. That I have a spark. But in the end I think he only said it so I wouldn’t feel bad about being a powerless human. " Stiles mumbles to himself, because that’s all he feels like, useless, powerless. He growls when the other shakes, trying to hold on to him as good as he can, to hold him down to make sure he was not injuring himself. Further that is. " I know, Ethan. " He whispers, it’s not the first time someone dies in his arms, and probably not the last, but it will never be less horrible- Traumatizing. " I know, and I don’t want you to either. And - if I could. I would safe you, you know? You’re really not as bad as some people think. " He holds on to the other, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth, smiling through the tears. The boy can’t remember when he started crying. " Please try to stay with me. " 

Ethan lay panting and still while he listened to Stiles, his eyes momentarily flickering blue as the wolfsbane crept closer to his heart. “W-why?” The question was a choked out whisper and Ethan struggled to find the words to elaborate. “Y-you’re not powerless. You r-radiate it. You live in a w-world of s-supernaturals and th-threaten to kick our asses.” A tremor rolls through Ethan and he goes silent until it passes. “W-why would you w-want me to stay? All I’ve e-ever done is inflict p-pain. M-make the w-wrong choice.” His gaze manages to focus long enough to see Stiles is crying and Ethan doesn’t /understand/. Why would anyone care? “D-don’t I d-deserve this?”

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Daniel Sharman & Max Carver being cuties at Wolfsbane 2

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Are you watching these two fuck?

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The sound of the others rattling breathing was so loud around them, he thought one must be able to hear it for miles. Or maybe it was his own paranoia as his mind raced and he wondered how long Ethan would have until succumbing to his injuries. ” Why the fuck do I have a spark if it can’t do anything. ” He curses, pressing more onto the injuries, staying close to Ethan. Deaton had never talked about it again,but how he hoped he could do something with it. Call for help, heal, anything that could be useful right now. ” Alright, talk to me then, I don’t mind hearing someone elses voice now and then.  ” He sighs, startling at the others grip, swaying forward to look at him with a frown. ” My injuries are fine. They are nothing compared to yours, barely a scratch. “ 


"Spark?" Ethan asked, his eyes managing to focus momentarily on Stiles’ face. "F-forget about me. I’m o-only going t-to get w-worse now. Th- nothing else left t-to do. I-I—" And then he was rolling onto the better of his two sides, coughing and choking up blood until his throat was clear and he slumped to the ground, eyes rolled up in the back of his head. His body shook with tremors and breaths grew faster, catching every few moments. Almost five minutes had passed when Ethan’s eyelids finally flickered open again, but they were unfocused and cloudy. "—don’t w-want to d-die."

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Sometimes I want to ask Mama to take certain memories from me. Like, I’ll still know that they happened, but I won’t remember the exact details that I still see every single night. I won’t be able to relive what happened, just I’ll have a knowledge that it did. But then I chicken out or something and don’t ask.

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" Conversation, right. Not a good moment to suddenly start talking with me. " Stiles grumbles, stripping out of his tattered hoodie and ripping it apart as good as he could, using the stripes as make shift bandages. It was not the best solution, but it was all they could do. Their pursuers should all be dead now, and the people they rescued long gone, there was not much hope for someone coming to their aid. He could only pray that Scott had gotten his message and would track his phone. " I am here- I am here, okay ? And even if I could, I wouldn’t just leave you behind. " Stiles whispers, pressing close to the other. There was no way he could walk out of here, but that was not something he will focus on right now. His own pain faded against the sight of the others fight. 


It was difficult to focus through the sounds of his own ragged breaths and the feeling of himself bleeding out, the heat seemly sucked out of him like he had been doused with a bucket of water. Forget the wolfsbane, Ethan would bleed to death before it even had a chance to take affect. “I-I need… to k-keep talking.” He swallowed and the sound scratched in his throat, body recoiling sharply in a flinch when Stiles pressed one of the tattered strips of his sweatshirt to his bloodied side. When Stiles moved closer, Ethan reached out blindly with his free hand until it grasped Stiles’ wrist. Though Ethan was gripping as tightly as he could, Stiles could have easily pulled free. “O-okay… b-but, you should take c-care of your o-own injuries too.”

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" Yeah, a real bang. " Stiles replies, fingers shakily pressing onto the others wounds as he tries to think of anything he could do. They were not supposed to be here, together, both injured, but they had been the last ones out and to give the others a chance of escaping had taken half the building down with them. But Ethan got shot, and Stiles got hit by the debris, so none of them were leaving any time soon. Or ever. " But you’re not giving up yet, alright ? " He whispers, leaning forward, glaring at the other, huffing lightly. " Because it can’t be that the mighty Ethan loses, while puny human Stile wins, okay ? That has to go against your honor, doesnt it. " 


"Who s-said I was giving up?" Ethan’s light chuckle turned into a pained gasp, his breaths momentarily catching. It was almost a minute before he could collect his breath long enough to speak again. "J-just trying to make c-conversation. B-besides, l-lost my honor l-long ago. M-maybe you getting out of h-here alive will… help m-me get some of it b-back." This time when Ethan paused, his eyes squeezed shut tight in pain and his hand slipped through the blood on his side, trying to keep it in place over the wound. "Oww," a quiet whimper slipped free, his voice suddenly sounding years younger and choked with pain.

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